Since autumn 2000, Christian School of Ministry of Latvia (CSML) has been operating in Jelgava. It is the Bible school of the Latvian Pentecostal Church association (LPCA) with education in Latvian, created in cooperation with the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. The Christian School of Ministry of Latvia offers two different programs in practical theology, since the purpose of the school is not to prepare theologians – scientists, but serious Christian ministers filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.


Distance educational program

The distance learning program is for anyone who wants to get basic knowledge in theology and use it in practical ministry. This is a self-study program using the Bible and the teaching materials issued by the school. About once every two months, students must come to face-to-face counseling and exams, according to the training schedule. Time of studies – two (2) years.

Distance learning program includes the following subjects:

  • Old Testament Review
  • New Testament Review
  • A Review of Christian Doctrines
  • Church mission and service
  • Servant as leader, preacher and counsellor

Responsible for the distance learning program – pastor Gunta Matjuhova
mobile: 29582127


Integrated program

The integrated curriculum is for those who have completed or partially completed an extramural program and want to gain in-depth knowledge of theology and practical application of it in service. The training takes place in the form of lectures and seminars, at the premises of the school, every second weekend – on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Students from distant places can use school dormitories and catering. The duration of studies differs, depending on whether the extramural program is completed – from one (1) to three and a half (3,5) years.
From time to time lectures in CSML are read by guest lecturers from the European Bible Seminar in Germany and the United States, but most of the lecturers are from Latvia. The Integrated Program includes many subjects – systematic and pastoral theology, homiletics, the theology of Pentecostal church, the service of the local church, leadership and communication skills, the foundations of Christian education, evangelism and mission, musical service, care, Christian counseling, ministry to various target groups, world religions, reviews of Christian denominations and sects, and others. The integrated program ends with writing a course paper.

The responsible about the integrated program – Director of the CSML, pastor Agris Ozolinkevičs
mobile: 29710062


Education opportunities abroad

At the end of the integrated course, the students of the CSML receive a certificate attesting that they have completed the first two years of the European Theological Seminary bachelor’s program. Unfortunately, the German education system does not allow to obtain a Bachelor’s diploma by two years of studying in Latvia and the third one – in Germany, therefore, those who want to obtain an academic degree must go to study in Germany. At the European Theological Seminary of the International Church of God in Freudenstadt, Schwarzwald, Germany, it is possible to obtain a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Theology.



CSML is located:
Jāņa Asara str 8, Jelgava

CSML details:
Latvijas Kristīgās kalpošanas skola
Reg. nr. 99500003495
SEB Banka
Account nr. LV78UNLA0050008215929


You can learn more about the school, its beginings and developement HERE.